Trade of the wood and the phytosanitary treatment
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To manage, it is to make live,
to evolve and to protect the forest.

It also is to prepare your future
and that of your descent.

Whatever is the surface, small or big, of your forest. An effective management, for a greater production.

As in a garden, the good ones and the weed push.  This, in your forest, everything also grows. Make select the best plants which its ground can offer, as a wine-making country. The council of a professional, an independent and righteous, is useful to offer the best profitability and the best future for your forest massif. In the leafy wooded domains, you prepare the future for you, your children and grandchildren. In that of conifer, you prepare your future and/or that of your children.

I propose you:

  • A first (free) visit of your plots of land to esteem and estimate, if need be, the work to be made to prepare the future for short, average and long term.
  • The assistance or the communication of skills to make your forest properties fruit.
  • To visit typical construction sites to imagine your future realizations.
  • The marking of future operations and reserves.
  • To direct you and recommend you the best professionals and the developers.
  • To follow the exploitation of wood and the good execution of construction works.
  • Of you attend and of you advise in case of dispute.
  • To answer at best your questioning.

Price lists on consultation:

1st free visit

Contribution: € / hectares / year to have access in:

  • Councils
  • Followed
  • Information
  • Assistance
  • documentation

On estimate:

  • Limits of plots of land and forest
  • Marking of cuttings
  • Marking of reserves
  • Followed operations and construction works
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